Borusan Mannesmann

About Borusan Mannesmann

The first industrial enterprise of one of Turkey’s foremost business conglomerates, the Borusan Group, Borusan Mannesmann marked its 60th anniversary in 2018. Having operated with a global vision since its inception, the company merged its operations with Europe’s leading steel and technology firm Salzgitter Mannesmann GMBH in 1998.

Today, Borusan Mannesmann continues its operations as a global brand with 1,945 employees offering more than 4,000 product varieties. Its 6 facilities across 3 continents, production capacity of 1.1 million tons, and high sales volume have placed it on the map as a leading manufacturer in Europe and the world in the steel pipe industry.

Borusan Mannesmann brings its experience, expertise, and passion worldwide with value added products addressing all areas ranging from automotive to construction, energy to mechanical applications. The company continued its investments with a global perspective in accordance with market dynamics and made its first overseas investment in 2001 and bought a facility in Vobarno/Italy. The very next step of the companies globalization strategy was its greenfield investment in Houston, Texas in 2014 serving OCTG market.

About BM Vobarno

BM Vobarno is the first subsidiary of Borusan Mannesmann Group in the European territory. As one of the first five supplier of European automotive industry, Vobarno facility is creating a productive synergy with companies Halkalı Istanbul facility by expanding the product range.

With 30.000 tons per year drawn tube capacity, BM Vobarno is characterized from an elevated qualitative standard and finds its main use in the field of the hydraulic applications (pneumatic and oleodynamic cylinders) in the automotive field (tubes for steering systems, tie rods, cardan shafts, shock-absorbers, suspensions, attacks, etc.…) and in the heterogeneous field of the mechanical applications such as mining – drilling, lifting systems, and heat exchangers.